My Avatar My Avatar Modifying a Talking Timer, Type A PC Board

by Miami Mike, 02/05/2012.

Type A, Step 6 - On the bottom of the board, cut a trace.

Cut a trace.

Type A, Step 7 - Scrape off the green coating and tin the trace with solder.

Scrape off the green coating.

Type A, Step 8 - Add a jumper wire.

Solder a 3-inch piece of 30 gauge wire-wrap wire to the scraped trace and thread it through the hole to the other side.

Add a jumper wire.

Type A, Step 9 - On the top of the board, cut two traces.

Cut two traces.

Type A, Step 10 - On the top of the board, add two jumper wires.

The jumper wire that comes through the hole from the bottom of the board connects to two separate points on the top of the board.

Add two jumper wires.

Type A, Board Top, Summary

Board top, summary.

Type A, Board Bottom, Summary

Board bottom, summary.

Finished! Check the two metal diaphragms on the board that go under the VOICE and SOUND buttons to make sure they haven't fallen out of place, then reassemble the timer and test it.

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