The "Switchjack" - Using a Subminiature Phone Plug and Jack as a Glider On/Off Switch and Charging Connection

by Miami Mike

Digikey Catalog Page (See figure 3.)

subminiature phone jack



Digikey part number for jack is SC1043-ND

Switchcraft number is MDSL2A

Size is 2.5 mm. This jack will accept 2.5 mm or 3/32 inch mono audio plugs.


My Spider-Sixty

Combat Wing

My XR Combat Wing

charging plugs

Charging Plugs and Safety Test LED

The safety test LED is made with an LED and built-in resistor to allow it to work safely on 5 volts or more. The one at the bottom of the picture is a 12 volt LED from Radio Shack .

When the plug is inserted into a newly wired plane, the LED should light. If it doesn't, something is wrong even if the plane correctly switches off and on when the plug is inserted and removed. The problem is that you have the two positive connections reversed on the switchjack, and if so, this must be corrected before charging is attempted, else the charger's voltage will be connected to the receiver, possibly causing damage to the receiver and servos. If you plan to wire several planes with switchjacks, I recommend making a safety test plug.