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Buzzer Installed,
				CloseupShrink-wrapped Buzzer

Winch Solenoid Safety Buzzer

LEDs alone don't do a very good job of warning you of a stuck solenoid because nobody ever watches them.
What you really need is a buzzer that sounds off whenever one solenoid is closed and the other is open.
Even people who don't know what the buzzer is for will say something to you when they hear it.
Build a Winch Solenoid Safety Buzzer!

				TimerTimer Repeat Switch

Add an on/off switch to your Talking Timer!

Convert the REPEAT switch on your Talking Timer into an on/off switch to prevent drain on your batteries between contests.

My Homemade Turnaround

My Homemade Turnaround


Easy $35 Sailplane Stand

Pompano Hill Flyers

Pompano Hill Flyers website

Waste Management Company release form for entry to the Pompano Hill Flyers flying site.

(Please see the Pompano Hill Flyers website for details.)

Vista View Flyers website
Indian River Kontrol Society website

Orlando Buzzards website

Florida Soaring Society website

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